Hear the Doug Lamborn voice message he left on a random stranger's phone: Boycott the Gazette.
  • Important Audio MessagesTruth Lies

    In his ads, Congressman Lamborn makes numerous unfounded claims about Robert’s business history. Hear direct responses from the men who ran those businesses.

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  • Lamborn’s Ad Leans Deceptive, Says PostLeans Deceptive Meter

    The Denver Post says, “We are giving this campaign ad a “leans deceptive” rating for its misuse of data and playing with semantics.”

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  • Who is Robert Blaha?robert

    Robert is running to unseat Congressman Doug Lamborn in the June 26th Republican primary.

    An articulate champion for conservative values, Robert knows that citizens in his 5th Congressional District have had enough of career politicians, and so he’s bringing his business expertise and conservative common sense to secure a better future for our children and grandchildren.

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