Who is Robert Blaha?

Robert is running to unseat Congressman Doug Lamborn in the June 26th Republican primary.
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Who is Robert Blaha?

Robert is running to unseat Congressman Doug Lamborn in the June 26th Republican primary.

An articulate champion for conservative values, Robert knows that citizens in his 5th Congressional District have had enough of career politicians, and so he’s bringing his business expertise and conservative common sense to secure a better future for our children and grandchildren.

It’s time to breakthrough the federal red tape, complacency and stagnant stalemates – and have our voices heard in Washington, D.C.

Founder of Human Capital Associates based in Colorado Springs, Robert has achieved success by listening, responding, studying and creating coalitions to benefit small businesses and large corporations and nonprofits.

Robert is a nationally recognized expert in analyzing leadership and business processes to streamline organizations, cut costs and increase efficiency, productivity and profit.

Prior to establishing HCA in 1993, Robert held key and senior management positions for Ford, Monsanto and Engelhard & Asea Brown Boveri. After a successful career in major industry, he turned to small and startup businesses, creating jobs and opportunities in the community. Nearly 18 years later, stirred by the economic crisis and loss of jobs Robert turned his focus and abilities to public service.

Robert currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for Integrity Bank & Trust in Colorado Springs, and has supported the local community on the board of directors for Hope and Home, and U.S. Amateur Boxing.

Robert and Susan Blaha

He and his wife Susan have been married since 1977, and raised their seven children in Colorado Springs. Robert is a strong advocate for school choice – and understands that one-size-fits-all education does not meet the needs of every child. The couple’s children attended different public schools in District 20, including the Classical Academy, Monument Academy, Rampart High School, Pine Creek High School and Air Academy High School.

Robert understands the urban and rural communities in the 5th Congressional District, having resided in Colorado Springs for the past 17 years, and previously living in small and large communities around the country.

Born and raised in the rural farming community of Marshalltown, Iowa, Robert often accompanied his grandfather, a country doctor, on house calls to families. He learned the value of waking early and working until sundown as a youngster. He worked on farms and, later in the construction industry.

An All-State football player in high school, Robert attained a full ride scholarship to the University of Iowa, where he played football and earned the Forest Evashevski Scholar Athlete Award. He later completed the Human Resource Executive Program at the University of Michigan.

Robert often recalls the challenge of convincing his college sweetheart –his best friend – to marry him. Susan said yes. Nearly 35 years later, she counts that among the best decisions she ever made.

Now, Robert is asking voters in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District to have the same courage and faith – in themselves and him – to say yes and join his campaign to represent our needs and interests.