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Jun 4, 2012 Comments Off Blaha Press Team

eNewsletter: June 4, 2012

Subject: Ballots Are On Their Way!

Dear Friend,

Ballots arrive in mailboxes in the next few days.  Will you please forward this email to your friends, encouraging them to VOTE Robert Blaha for Congress?!  I would be honored to have your vote … and the vote of each of your friends.

Folks, our campaign has been hard-fought and a great experience for me, personally.  I have truly been inspired by the constituents in this District while burning up shoe leather in all five counties of Colorado’s 5th District, meeting folks and hearing concerns in numerous cities and towns.

Many have asked to hear more about the background I will bring to Washington.  I have been a successful member of the business community for 35 years.  Almost 20 years ago I founded Human Capital Associates and have had the privilege of working with CEOs and senior management teams in dozens of organizations across the U.S. and around the world, applying the Lean Six Sigma business model.

This tool set attacks waste, increasing efficiency and productivity in organizations.  Our team has partnered with organizations large and small to get that done—including Lockheed Martin and the Department of Defense.  At my Policy Day a few weeks back I presented components of my plan to apply this model to the federal government—something most of the Republican presidential candidates are calling for and the broken systems in Washington desperately need.

It has also been my honor to be co-founder and vice-chair of Integrity Bank and Trust, which has stood by its customers during the difficult economic downturn, has never taken bailouts, and has steadily added jobs and new branches, growing in its capital position.

As a matter of fact, the economic indicator charts for the bank indicate positive growth, in stark contrast to the 5th Congressional District charts, which track downward over the same time period under Congressman Lamborn’s 0-for-40 record of ineffectiveness.  That’s right: Congressman Lamborn has passed NO BILLS, no legislation to stimulate our local economy, since he has been in office.

Through craftily worded radio and TV ad attacks, my opponent, as he attempts to disparage my record, instead demonstrates a stunning lack of knowledge about how business works.

All I can say is, “There he goes again.” Congressman Lamborn has a long history of lobbing false attacks in order to win an election. Ironically, his ad entitled “Honor” was deemed DECEPTIVE by The Denver Post and by The Colorado Springs Independent.

Here’s my plan:

  • Cut Taxes and Balance the Budget
  • Sponsor Term Limits and Slash Congressional Perks
  • Expand Drilling and Domestic Energy Production

Doug Lamborn and I bring far different qualifications to the table in this election.  He is a career politician lacking results; I am a proven champion of conservative causes with a 35-year track record of getting things done in the real world of business.

Please consider voting for me in the June 26th Republican Primary.  I pledge to you I will represent YOU in Washington—the voter, my neighbor and my friend.

Please follow me on Facebook, on Twitter, and check out the truth about the Lamborn attack-ad machine at—this is information you don’t want to miss.  And feel free to call our office at 719-434-326.  I would love to chat with you.

Together in freedom,

Robert Blaha