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Jun 8, 2012 Comments Off Blaha Press Team

eNewsletter: June 7, 2012

Subject: Truth is generally the best vindication

Dear Friend,

As Abraham Lincoln once said, Truth is generally the best vindication.  Friends, we are sailing with the wind at our back because of the overwhelming support we receive in our campaign.  I appreciate the fair coverage of our local media outlets and the support of the voters in the 5th District. I have the privilege of talking to them day and night, answering questions, hearing concerns and sharing my plan.  As your next Congressman I will fight for term limits in Congress, for a third-party evaluation of excessive perks, and for our constitutional rights to be protected.

I am grateful that our local media have begun to vet the ads that Congressman Lamborn has run against us.  Voters deserve to have the press fact-check campaign ads, and it is gratifying to see that The Denver Post, the Gazette and now KOAA TV and others have stepped up to the plate.

The Denver Post found that Lamborn’s ads are DECEPTIVE.

The Gazette quoted the statute that Lamborn likely violated when he made derogatory comments about Integrity Bank & Trust—a local, successful and beloved bank.

The Colorado Springs Independent, describing these same claims on May 30, said, “The assertion is false.”

The political website coloradopols, on June 1, agreed that Lamborn “may have violated a law”—C.R.S. 18-1.3-501.

Jeff Crank, on KVOR 740AM on May 12, describing Lamborn’s claims of business delinquency: “That part is untrue.” And regarding Lamborn’s out-of-state tax lien comments, Crank calls these “a half-truth, and likely untrue.”

Then, on June 5th during the 10 o’clock news KOAA TV reported:

Since Blaha is new to politics and doesn’t have a political record, Lamborn’s ad goes after his record as a businessman, saying it’s one of scandal and corruption. The ad states, “Under Blaha’s leadership, USA boxing, in three years, went from a $600,000 surplus to a $1.7 million deficit.” 

This is true, but there’s more. Blaha was a member of the USA boxing board of directors from 2006 to 2010 at a time when the organization went from surplus to record deficit.  However, it was USA boxing’s revolving door of executive directors who bore the brunt of the responsibility for the dire financial straits.   In 2010, Blaha and other members of the board hired a new CEO who has since cut the deficit by 80-percent. 

KOAA TV news continues:

The Lamborn attack ad goes on to say, “He [Blaha] has yet to explain his record of three IRS tax liens at a Nebraska company that exceeded $80,000.” This is false. Blaha did serve on the board of directors of a Nebraska event-organizing business that was served with IRS tax liens, but the liens were levied against the company’s founder after the company shut down in 2010. The founder didn’t tell Blaha about the liens until just last month and apologized to him for the business’ failure. The liens were not on Blaha’s record

Finally, KOAA reports:

[The Lamborn attack ad says] “Explain co-founding a bank fined by the FDIC.”  This is true. Integrity Bank and Trust was fined a civil penalty of 35-hundred dollars last year for ”Inaccurate collection and reporting of loan application data for the 2008 and 2009 calendar years.” It stemmed from a clerical error by a bank employee. 

[The Lamborn attack ad continues] “Explain founding companies delinquent by Colorado for failing to file annual business reports.” This is true, but there’s more. The Secretary of State’s office recently told the Denver Post that delinquencies for failing to file a business report are commonplace and are basically just a self-proclamation of existence. Late filings can lead to delinquency marks, but can be brought back into good- standing by simply filing a periodic report. 

With all this evidence accumulating, the legal system has now stepped in. Just this morning we learned that the Pueblo District Attorney’s office has been appointed to follow up with the case. We understand the rough-and-tumble arena of modern politics, but when a sitting Congressman breaks the law, deceives his own voters, and badmouths his own constituent businesses, he has gone way over the line.

Don’t let Doug Lamborn get away with another win through deception. Stand with me to break the cycle of career politicians who will say whatever it takes to get elected.

I would be so appreciative if you would send an email to all your friends TODAY encouraging them to vote Robert Blaha for Congress when they receive their ballots this week!

Together in freedom,

Robert Blaha